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06/18/2014 - 13:40
Данни за фирмата
Адрес на фирмата: 
ул. Латинка 9Б
Електронна поща: 
Лице за контакти: 
Илиян Василев
+359 2 443 8460
Innovative Energy Solutions (IES) is a leading Bulgarian professional services advisory firm, supporting investors and companies in the energy sector. We are a reliable provider of quality consultancy solutions in regard to product representation, project financing assessment, large investment evaluation, project management and technical evaluation. We have expertise in traditional energy industries, including electric power, extractive industries, hydroenergy, and other, as well as in emerging industries such as shale extraction and conservation & efficiency growth. Our energy consulting services are designed to benefit owners, manufacturers, regulators, and investors in Bulgaria as we help them minimize risk and optimize performance in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving sector.

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